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Montana’s New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act helps consumers who have bought a new vehicle that qualifies as a “lemon.” When repeated attempts at repair have been unsuccessful, the lemon law may require the manufacturer to replace or repair the defective vehicle.

The Montana Lemon Law covers:

The Montana Lemon Law does not cover:

Warranty Period

The warranty period ends two years after the date of the vehicle's original delivery to the consumer, or the first 18,000 miles of operation, whichever occurs first. This period can be extended for up to a year if a defect is reported, in writing, to the dealer or manufacturer during the warranty period but has not been cured by the expiration of the period.

Required Documentation

Keep all records of warranty repairs and all written communications with dealers and manufacturers. Work orders provide the best proof as to when a problem was first reported.

To prove that a vehicle is a lemon, be prepared to produce:

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